The Lazarus Fund

The Lazarus Fund

The Lazarus Fund

The Lazarus Fund is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity. We do a little bit of everything here at The Lazarus Fund. Think of us as the middle man— your “go to” guy if you will. Need advice on what kind of animal is best for you to adopt and where to find him? We can help you with that. We also have our own animals up for adoption that might be a good fit. Is your new puppy chewing on everything but his toys? We can find the answer. Your beloved pet was just diagnosed with cancer? We’ve been there and can offer resources. You’re not alone and we can help you get through it.
Need an uplifting story? We’ve got plenty of those. Just click on the Good News tab where you’ll find all sorts of paw-sitivity! Definitely the place to go for a pick me up and some good vibes. Feel free to Submit your own Good News Feature.
Just make yourself at home and be-bop around the site. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, send us an E-mail and we will do our best to get right back to you with an answer. Give us at least 36 hours please. We are all volunteer and contrary to popular belief we do need some occasional food and shut eye.



Phone: 719-240-4375

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