The Denver Samoyed Association. Inc.

The Denver Samoyed Association. Inc.

The Denver Samoyed Association. Inc.

About Denver Samoyed Rescue (DSR)
was officially formed in 1993 to assist abandoned, unwanted, or otherwise neglected Samoyeds find new homes. The group functions as a committee of the Denver Samoyed Association (as approved by the DSA governing board) and works with individuals, local animal shelters, as well as the local All Breed Rescue Network, and the national Samoyed Club of America Rescue coordinator.
It is also the goal of DSR to help educate the public about the Samoyed breed, to counsel owners who are considering surrendering their dogs to work through their problems so the dog may remain with them, and upon request, to aide law enforcement officials with evaluating bite cases. DSR also acts as a safety net for breeders who have lost track of a puppy they’ve placed, and as another possible source of information for owners who have lost their Samoyed. All dogs placed by DSR will be spayed or neutered before going to a new home, or a foster home, in order to prevent further overpopulation of the breed.

Rescue Photo Gallery

Pictures of just some of the Samoyeds that

 Denver Samoyed Rescue

has helped place over the years!

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Visit #HelpSaveUsAll!

Denver Samoyed Association form 990EZ – 2018

Denver Samoyed Association form 990EZ – 2019

Denver Samoyed Association form 990EZ – 2020

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