The Animal Interest League and Sanctuary

The Animal Interest League and Sanctuary

The Animal Interest League and Sanctuary


Safe From Harm

The TAILS Sanctuary acts as both a private and city facility. Animals are brought in by both the community and Animal Control and are able to relax and recuperate while awaiting their owners or adoption.

Dog Kennels

TAILS has 12 full size indoor/outdoor dog kennels that are heated and cooled. The walls are also soundproofed to facilitate a more relaxed environment for the animals.

Outdoor Play Areas

TAILS has 5 outdoor play areas for the dogs in which they can run, play with toys or even hop in the pools! If they just want to find a shady spot and take a rest, that’s ok too.

Cat Kennels

TAILS has 8 intake kennels for cats to relax in until they are ready to move into the cat room. The purpose of the intake area is to ensure that any sickness that might be hiding is seen and addressed before the cats move into the cat room as well as to gauge cat behaviors.

Cat Room

The TAILS cat room is a fun place! Lots of toys and things to climb as well as plenty of places to sleep. If they feel like having fresh air, a short trip through the tunnel to the outdoor cat enclosure is all that’s needed!


In the event that a dog or cat becomes sick or injured, our isolation room allows them a quiet place to heal and receive care until they feel better.


Find Your Friend!

The first step would be to find an animal that will fit your lifestyle! There are a few ways to do this:


  • Visit the Sanctuary
  • View our adoptable animals online through Petfinder, Adopt-A-Pet & Petstablished

The Application

We require an application and adoption contract to ensure that your needs and the pet’s needs coincide! It is easy to understand and our staff can assist with any questions on the application/contract.

The Adoption Fee

Our adoption fees cover all of the things in your pet that will give you peace of mind:

  • Spay/neuter
  • Deworming
  • Age Appropriate Vaccines
  • Microchip
  • Flea/Tick treatment






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