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#HelpSaveUsAll TERMS OF SERVICE: #HelpSaveUsAll acts ONLY as a informational/referral service for animal shelters, rescues and adoptions. #HelpSaveUsAll has not screened, reviewed or evaluated any animals, animal shelters or animal rescues on any of our websites throughout our network, the content’s owners or the people who post them, or those who apply to adopt. Sole responsibility for animals belongs to the animal control facilities, rescue , and individuals owning and/or adopting these animals. #HelpSaveUsAll cannot guarantee any information posted on our websites, and accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever related to injury or property damage that may be caused by an animal or person you may meet using this or any of our websites. Any animal shelter and rescue should be verified by the user to the fullest extent possible. Any animal adopted should be taken to a veterinarian. BREEDING OF ADOPTED ANIMALS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED! #HelpSaveUsAll reserves the right to prohibit any individual or group or organization from using this site or any of our sites for any reason. Use of our websites constitutes acceptance of these terms.

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