Southern Colorado Spay-Neuter Association

Southern Colorado Spay-Neuter Association

Southern Colorado Spay-Neuter Association

Pueblo’s Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic and No Kill Shelter


Sitting on the southside of beautiful Pueblo, Colorado, the Southern Colorado Spay and Neuter Association and No Kill Shelter is one of the areas greatest gems when it comes to the care and treatment of pets!

Originally opened in 1997, SoCO was established to provide a proactive approach to the increasing pet-population in our area. Seeing that the 2 existing shelters were continually over-flowing and in desperate need of help, the founders of SoCO were excited to take such a progressive step in offering low-cost sterilizations to the public. After a few short months of operations, it was also noted that another shelter was still necessary. The extra rooms and kennels that were a part of the existing veterinary clinic that SoCO purchased were quickly used to house homeless dogs and cats. With the veterinary staff on site, we were able to take in pets that would not necessarily make it in a traditional shelter setting.

After nearly  24 years of operation, SoCO still stands tall and proud! We are still offering our low-cost preventative care to the public, and our no kill shelter is still helping hundreds of unwanted pets a year!

Service Description and Pricing

Surgeries are performed Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please call to make an appointment and for instructions prior to surgery.
Female Dog (Spay) …$65.00
Male Dog (Neuter) …$60.00
Female Cat …$55.00
Male Cat …$40.00
Female “S” or heart Tattoo …$2.00*
Pre-anesthetic blood work…$50.00**
Additional charges may apply for animals in heat, pregnancies, pain medication, dogs of heavier weight, and other special conditions. Please ask at check-in if any of these may apply to your animal.
*The tattoo is simply a small heart or “s” that we put right at the base of the incision. We do this for the benefit of your animal, so if it were to escape from you, and someone else were to take it in, they would see the tattoo and know that she has been spayed.

**If your animal is five years or older, we do require pre-anesthetic blood work to ensure that your animal is healthy enough to process the anesthesia.


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1700 S. Prairie Ave Pueblo, Colorado, 81005

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