Small Senior Paws Retirement Village

Small Senior Paws Retirement Village


 Peyton, CO

Small Senior Paws Retirement Village is a small, small dog sanctuary. We take in older, hospice or hard to place dogs. All of our dogs are rescued from puppy mills and other unfortunate circumstances such as kill shelters, owner surrender, or death of an owner and provide them with a loving forever home. Some that come to us are terminally ill. Others are skittish, nervous and/or fearful, or so old that they are passed up for adoption. We are a nonprofit state licensed facility. SSPRV provides its residents with a home situated in the scenic countryside of southern CO. There are no kennels or runs to keep the dogs isolated for no reason. All residents live in a comfortable home environment including lots of beds, a sun room, a doggie door to a secure outdoor area which opens to a larger outdoor area (with artificial turf) where they can get lots of sun and exercise without risk of them getting in harms way. The entire enclosure is covered with netting to protect the dogs from birds of prey. When a dog arrives at Small Senior Paws Retirement Village, they are in their forever home. We do not adopt out. All dogs are treated as members of the family. They are provided with medical care as needed including checkups, vaccinations, dentals, medication as required, and emergency care when necessary. As you could imagine with senior/hospice dogs, vet bills add up. SSPRV is not a large organization. It is run by one woman, with a small number of loving, dedicated volunteers. We run entirely on donations from our wonderful supporters. We started almost six years ago never imagining it would get this big. So far we have been able to provide almost 60 dogs a loving forever home.


Peyton CO 80831-7920

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