Rocky Mountain Yorkie Rescue

Rocky Mountain Yorkie Rescue

Rocky Mountain Yorkie Rescue

A Rescue, Re-homing and Adoption Agency
Our Mission Statement
The mission of Rocky Mountain Yorkie Rescue, located in Colorado, is to rescue Yorkie/Yorkie mixes. We are committed to educating the public, our adoptees and volunteers about the Yorkshire Terrier Breed. We pledge to provide a loving and caring environment and keep the pup safe until a forever home can be found within the Colorado area. Our focus is not finding the right pup for a home, but finding the right home for each and every pup.


Please contact us if you can’t find what you need on our site or are having some type of trouble that needs to be addressed. We are here to help you! We love the babies as much as you do.

But first, see if one of the forms we have on our site will help you with what you need. Once you fill out a form, a rescue volunteer will be contacting you.

For most commonly asked questions please look at our FAQ page.

Colorado, United States


If you still need help and would like to contact us through e-mail we will be more than happy to answer your questions as soon as possible.

Our adoption fees are based on the age, size, health and temperament of the dog and can range from $150 – $500+.
A fellow rescue group wrote the following which sums it up for all rescue groups:

Recently someone asked, “Why would you charge $500 for a rescue pet? Why not just place it in a good home?” The answer is because we need adopters who are willing to support all rescue pets, not just the dog they adopt. A young, healthy dog might cost us $150-400 in vet care, and many people will want to adopt it. An older one with health issues can easily cost $500-1500 in veterinary expenses, and it may require months of foster care for rehabilitation; yet we can only ask a minimal adoption fee, and it may be a long time until anyone comes forward to adopt it.

Fees from the younger, more adoptable dogs help offset the cost of caring for the others. Most of our dogs have a sad story to tell, and some have suffered through years of neglect or abuse. We hope that you too are willing to give an opportunity for a better life to ALL of our dogs by supporting them through adoption fees. Without these funds, our rescue efforts would not be possible.”

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