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Rezdawg Rescue

About us…

RezDawg Rescue collaborates with several rescues in NM, AZ and CO to ensure the safe and comfortable transport of unwanted animals to rescues, shelters and fosters where they will have a chance at a forever home.

We relocate dogs and cats from high-intake shelters, animal control facilities, and reservations in the Four Corners area to animal rescue partners and forever homes in Colorado. We provide transportation to foster homes and other partner organizations, offer medical care and low/no cost spay and neuter services, manage a network of foster homes for temporary shelter, and run adoption events so that these animals can find forever homes.

Since March of 2012, we have transported thousands of at-risk dogs and cats to safety, solely on generous donations from caring individuals like you who see how dire the need is in and around the Navajo reservation.

View our 2019 Shelter Animal Count data report. Our live release rate is 99%. Our live release rate is calculated by dividing the total number of live animal outcomes by the total number of live animal intakes.

RezDawg Rescue, Inc is a nonprofit 501c3 animal welfare organization (EIN: 46-1412023).

Our Vision and Mission

Through a sense of community formed with several indigenous peoples and our core belief in achieving balance between modern technological assistance and millennia-old traditions, RezDawg Rescue strives to address the needs of stray companion animals in the Four Corners region of the US by providing Rescue ➜ Relocation ➜ Spaying/Neutering ➜ Fostering ➜ Adoption.

We are accomplishing these goals by becoming a dependable resource to members of the Navajo Nation and Zuni Pueblo. We do this by offering transportation to low cost or free spay/neuter services, respectfully teaching people how to humanely care for their animals, responding to cases of animal cruelty and neglect, assisting in emergency veterinary care for animals that are suffering on a case by case basis, and taking unwanted animals into our foster care. Community outreach is accomplished by going door-to-door and developing long standing relationships with native communities based on trust and mutual respect.

It’s Because of YOU We’re Able to Save So Many Animals

As a 501(c)(3) charity, we rely on donations to make our work possible. Right now there are thousands of dogs and cats in urgent need of medical care and a warm home with someone to love them. Will you please help us by making a donation now?Please Donate

* For general questions, send us a direct message on Facebook

* For questions about adopting or volunteering: use

* For questions about medical records and microchips: use

We can also be reached via phone: 720-515-3679 or regular mail: RezDawg Rescue, PO Box 448, Lafayette, CO 80026

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