Paradise Animal Welfare Society

Paradise Animal Welfare Society

Paradise Animal Welfare Society

Located in Crested Butte, CO, since 2005, the Paradise Animal Welfare Society is dedicated to improving the life of the animals within our community, as well as animals in other communities.

PAWS, the Paradise Animal Welfare Society, provides animal welfare services in Crested Butte and surrounding areas north of Round Mountain. Our specific objectives are assistance with animal rescue, spay/neuter assistance, foster care, pet placements, prevention of animal cruelty and neglect, and educating the public about our furry friends. We are a “no kill” facility.

If you find an abandoned, abused, or neglected animal, please call the local marshal’s office at (970) 349-5231. PAWS will assist the marshals until the owners are found or the animal is adopted out to a good family. Lost animal will be announced on the KBUT radio station.

All cats and dogs that come to PAWS will be spayed/neutered before they are available for adoption. We also provide assistance for spay/neuter fees for owners.

Financial assistance is available for low income pet owners.

Animals looking for new homes are first examined by the local veterinarian and are evaluated by our behavioral specialist before being placed into a new home. We try to match each animal with an appropriate loving family.

Relinquishments will be accepted on a space available basis. Please call PAWS for more information at (970) 209-3656.

PAWS has wonderful families who open their hearts and homes to animals until they find a permanent home.

Please contact PAWS for an appointment or relinquishment, we do not have consistent staff at our facility.


26651 Hwy 135
PO Box 531
Crested Butte, CO 81224
(970) 209-3656

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