My Fairy Dawg Mother Rescue Inc.

My Fairy Dawg Mother Rescue Inc.

My Fairy Dawg Mother Rescue Inc.

We are a Colorado based non-profit dog rescue focused on finding the perfect long term home for each dog brought under our rescue umbrella. My Fairy Dawg Mother Rescue, Inc, established in early 2011,  boasts a 100% success rate with over 800 dogs that have been placed since the creation of the rescue.

My Fairy Dawg Mother Rescue was founded in an effort to save abused and neglected dogs from across the United States, and pair them with loving and stable Colorado families. Read our Founder’s message.

Our formula for successful placement of each rescue dog lies in a plan that includes foster homes, behavioral modification training, complete vetting, an adoption agreement, and a trial period offered to every adoption candidate with their potential canine companion.

About Our Process

We are grateful to the Colorado families that have opened their homes to our rescue dogs. By temporarily housing a rescue dog in a functional home we can erase the stresses that boarding facilities can induce. The integration of a rescue pup into an established pack promotes socialization and develops self confidence. In addition, the rescue pup receives individualized attention and love from their foster family.

Foster families are integral component of the welfare of our rescue dogs. They are able to provide inside information and observations about their foster pups. The detailed knowledge that is provided to potential adopters contributes to the overall success of the adoption ensuring that it’s a good fit for everyone involved. We encourage our foster parents to ask adopters questions that are not listed in the agreement/application that may come about in conversation. Also, we recommend that adopters share past dog experiences with the foster parents and facilitator. By sharing information we are able to determine which rescue dog would fit better with your individual lifestyle.

When you adopt a rescue dog through My Fairy Dawg Mother Rescue, Inc., we encourage you to have our recommended dog trainer visit you at home. The process of training encourages the newly formed bond to deepen and gives guardians access to new and alternative methods for instruction.

Training and behavioral modification should not be used as a last resort. Instead, training should be utilized from the beginning of the new relationship. It is the simple difference between success and failure when introducing a rescue dog into your home.

What’s Included

Each dog rescued through our organization is fully vaccinated, microchipped, and altered. The completion of the scheduled vaccinations and spay/neuter surgery are dependent on age and health related issues. It’s important to us that each pup is healthy as they begin their new lives.

An adoption agreement is required for each rescue dog. Our agreement is built around the application part 2 and combined to make the most of everyone’s valuable time. Additional verbiage and/or provisions may be written into the agreement tailored to the specific needs of the rescue dog i.e. vaccinations or spay/neuter surgeries.

A completed and signed agreement and paid adoption fee is required at the beginning of any trial period. We offer trial periods consisting of an overnight stay or a weekend trip as a courtesy to the adoptive family. This helps everyone become more comfortable and fosters a sense of security.

We are committed to finding the right home for each one of our rescue dogs. People say, “You know, you can’t save them all?!”

And we always retort, “That won’t keep us from trying!”

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