Montrose Animal Shelter

Montrose Animal Shelter

#HelpSaveUsAll – photo/logo/content property of Montrose Animal Shelter

Montrose Animal Control

AdoptAnimals available for adoption.
Stray AnimalsLost and stray animals brought in to the shelter.


  • Adoption Search- These pets have exceeded their minimum holding period and are available now.
  • Stray Search     – These are our newest shelter arrivals, usually 7 days or less.If you are looking for your lost animal, please look through all of the search pages and then check back often.Please spay or neuter your animals


City of Montrose
433 S 1st Street
Montrose, CO 81401
Phone: 970-240-1400

 3383 North Townsend Avenue Montrose CO 81402 United States
 (970) 252-4021

Department Directory

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