Lost Our Home Pet Rescue of Western Colorado, Inc.

Lost Our Home Pet Rescue of Western Colorado, Inc.

Lost Our Home Pet Rescue of Western Colorado, Inc.

Who we are

Lost Our Home Pet Rescue of Western Colorado is dedicated to serving the Grand Valley community and providing support for families that are experiencing crisis.  Through our Temporary Care Program, Lost Our Home demonstrates its devotion to pets and pet parents with temporary housing until pets can be reunited with their families.  We are a versatile organization that understands that crises don’t only affect people, they greatly impact their pets too, so we’ve tailored our lifesaving mission to encompass both people and pets.

Lost Our Home is a non-profit, 501c3 pet rescue whose mission is dedicated to providing compassionate services to pets and pet parents in crisis. Whether it be foreclosure, homelessness, job loss, illness, domestic violence or any other hardship, we are there to serve pets and pet parents in the Grand Valley who don’t know where to turn. Often, we are their very last hope. For many pet owners with few resources, the only other option is surrendering their pet(s) to overcrowded shelters where they face an uncertain future, and even death.

Lost Our Home was founded in 2008 in Scottsdale, Arizona.  It was created as a grassroots response to the housing crisis that left thousands of people displaced and hundreds of pets abandoned.  Pets were abandoned in foreclosed homes, often without food or water.  Lost Our Home expanded to Grand Junction, Colorado in 2018 to further our mission.  Lost Our Home is committed to helping pets and people and ensuring that our pets face a different future—a certain future that’s fulfilling, happy, healthy, and spent with a loving family.


Your Gift Helps Save Lives

Your donation to Lost Our Home allows us to make a life-changing difference for pets in our community and keep families together. Lost Our Home of Western Colorado is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit. There are many donation options available.

Make checks payable to:

Lost Our Home Pet Rescue of Western Colorado

P.O. Box 2644

Grand Junction, CO 81502


(970) 800-4810

Visit #HelpSaveUsAll!

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