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Loma Cat House

Loma Cat House

About Us

Loma Cat House Inc is an IRS 501(c)(3) organization that rescues unwanted, injured and feral felines and provides medical attention, neutering, spaying, food, warmth and love while seeking qualified permanent homes in Mesa County.

Barbara Brown, whose background includes working at the pentagon and currently with the Mesa County Sheriff, was the originator of the Loma Cat House. She reached out to the board when the facility became overcrowded and two members have dedicated themselves to providing additional space and refurbishing the existing facilities. Lori Grover-Tutle is a Mother first, married to an assistant D.A., works half time in evidence at the Mesa County Sheriffs office and is extremely dedicated to feline rescue. She has worked relentlessly in the effort to expand and provide for the cats.

Marie Ramstetter has provided the site for three buildings and has overseen the construction of a kitty condo in one of the buildings. She has provided the funds to refurbish all of the buildings and to set up the new facility located at Michelle Reece’s horse ranch. Marie has dedicated herself to neutering and spaying feral cats in several colonies around the downtown Grand Junction area for the last twenty years. In addition to her dog grooming business, Michelle Reece has time allocated for feeding, cleaning and loving the cats.


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