Logan County Humane Society

Logan County Humane Society

Logan County Humane Society

Tips for a Happy, Healthy, and Safe Pet:

1. Microchip and Collar with tag! 

     Microchipping your pet is a great way to get notified if your beloved pet is ever found but if you never register it then it can’t work! If you need help you can always call us or your vet to re-scan your pet to get the chip number and tell you where to go to register it. If your pet isn’t chipped and even if they are a collar and tags are a quick and easy way to insure that anyone can contact you if your pet is ever found wondering alone.

2. Vet Visits!

      Getting your pet spayed or neutered is the best way to help keep them from running off not to mention lowing their risk for all those nasty cancers down the road. Your pet is just like us and needs to see their doc at least once a year and more as they get older. Keeping them current on their vaccinations is a big deal. Prevention is key!

3. Diet and Exercise. 

      Like us your pet needs good nutrition and plenty of exercise. The best quality diet you can afford and plenty of running and playing with their best friend should keep them around for a long time.

4. Caution in Public.

      While your pooch or feline may be well behaved and stay at your side that doesn’t mean all pets are. Keeping them on a leash and close to you will help you be able to react quickly to any stray animal that may be out of control. Not to mention if your four legged friend is still young and learning keeping them next to you will help them learn its not okay to jump up on strangers, helping you avoid any unwanted trouble. If you do encounter any trouble with other stray pets on your walks please contact us or your local Animal Control immediately.


      We only get them for a short time so spoil them with everything you have.


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