High Country Newfoundland Rescue, Inc (HCNR)

High Country Newfoundland Rescue, Inc  (HCNR)

High Country Newfoundland Rescue, Inc  (HCNR)

High Country Newfoundland Rescue, Inc  (HCNR) is a purebred Newfoundland Dog rescue, serving the four state region of Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and New Mexico.

High Country Newfoundland Rescue Inc is a 501(c)3 Registered Charity.

HCNR is a Foster Based Rescue utilizing trained and vetted volunteers.

Rescue activities are regulated by the Colorado Department of Agriculture

High Country Newfoundland Rescue is a purebred Newfoundland Dog Rescue serving, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and New Mexico. High Country Newfoundland Rescue (HCNR) is a foster based rescue. To help people understand what that means, any dogs that come into HCNR are cared for by an approved HCNR Foster Family. Foster Families bring these dogs into their homes to live with them and care for them while the rescue works with veterinarians when there are medical issues and during the time rescue is looking for a forever home for these dogs.
Each dog that comes into rescue has unique history. Some have been surrendered to rescue because of reasons beyond their own control so placing these dogs in the appropriate foster home is critical in making sure their time in foster is positive.  Some rescue organizations have a freestanding building and location to house dogs as they are received.  High Country Newfoundland Rescue instead places dogs with qualified foster families that have been screened and trained to understand the needs of dogs that come into rescue.  The unselfish act of being that temporary home for these dogs takes special people with incredible patience and a willingness to share their lives and homes. When we entrust a dog to one of the foster homes, rescue is partnering with these foster families for the best situation, not only for the safety of the foster dog(s) but also for the families receiving these dogs into their homes. Fostering is not for everyone, so it is HCNR’s obligation to make sure that foster families are interviewed, their homes evaluated and that there is constant communication between the rescue and the foster family. Some dogs require medical care and treatment and the commitment our foster families give to these dogs cannot be easily measured. During a rescue dog’s time in foster, they are evaluated and reports are presented to the rescue board on the dog’s progress. Foster families are committed to providing primary training and love and care as though they were in their forever home. Nothing is more rewarding than when a foster dog finds their forever home and because of the love, care and support given by a foster family, these dogs have a fresh start for their future.
Being a volunteer for High Country Newfoundland Rescue (HCNR) is not limited to people or families willing and able to foster. HCNR needs volunteers to help with transportation, evaluations, education and securing and goods or services needed by rescue, as well as building relationships with entities that are supportive of rescue. There are never too many volunteers when speaking about rescue. The need for trainers and groomers are another arm of our volunteer network.  It takes a solid team of volunteers to make rescue successful. Fundraising is another area that is endless with rescue. There will always be a need for financial support in rescue because when a dog comes into rescue, we don’t know what might be required for the dog.  It is not unusual to have veterinary medical expenses including but not limited to spay and neutering.
Where Is Your Spot? What Is Your Next Step?
Do you have a skill or talent that you want to share with rescue? You might not even realize where your spot in this organization is; however, if you have a heart to serve and want to see how rescue can utilize your time or talent, the first step is to respond to this call for action and volunteer. We do require all our volunteers complete volunteer applications and basic training.  Depending on the area that we utilize our volunteers,  there may be additional requirements and training, and documents are signed upon completion of training,  when needed. The first step is to step up and find your spot. Complete the initial Volunteer Application and get it back to us so we can take the next step in partnering with you for Newfoundlands in need.
Maybe now is not time in your life to dedicate some of your time or talents, but you have the desire to help support rescue. Your financial gifts to High Country Newfoundland Rescue of any size are appreciated and because HCNR is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, your financial gifts are tax deductible.

Thank you for visiting High Country Newfoundland Rescue (HCNR).  We are excited to hear from you.  The applications to volunteer, surrender, adopt and foster are found here.

Once we receive your completed application, the board of HCNR will be back in touch with the next step(s).


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