Humane Society Of The South Platte Valley

Humane Society Of The South Platte Valley

Humane Society Of The South Platte Valley


To be a leader in saving lives and serving communities by providing innovative care for animals, finding loving homes for animals, and reuniting families.


The Humane Society of the South Platte Valley (HSSPV) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization established to serve the communities of south Denver.  Our humane society offers shelter, care, and compassion for lost, stray, and unwanted animals, until they are reclaimed by their families or adopted into a new home.


At the Humane Society of the South Platte Valley, we are committed to strengthening the bond between pets and people and being the community’s animal welfare resource. As the local nonprofit animal shelter for the South Metro Denver Area, we serve the community by taking in lost, stray, and abandoned animals and providing those animals with compassionate and individualized care during their stay at our shelter.
We work hard to reunite lost animals with their families and find new homes for animals who need them. Any stray animal found within our jurisdiction that comes into our care is placed on hold for 7 days while we attempt to locate an owner. Once this period is over, the animal belongs to the shelter and we work to prepare them for a new life. We also transfer in homeless animals from outside communities in order to provide relief to underserved shelters.
Our animal care plan takes into consideration the physical and mental well-being of each and every animal we serve. All of our animals are processed upon intake, and during this time their individual needs are assessed.
Animals that require medical intervention are placed on hold or with a foster until they have been treated and are determined to be healthy by a veterinarian. We are fortunate to belong to a supportive village that enables us to provide high-quality vet care to our animals, such as orthopedic surgeries and dental procedures.
Furthermore, HSSPV places a special emphasis on enrichment, including a social play group environment for both dogs and cats. Our enrichment programs are based on the latest research in animal behavior and animal neuroscience. In addition, our team works hard to provide proper socialization and exercise for every animal during their stay with us. We treat each animal like an individual and assess their readiness to be placed on a case by case basis. Our animals don’t have time limits for placement. We hope to adequately prepare each of our animals for a successful life after their departure from the shelter.
Once we have determined that an animal is ready for adoption, we aim to find them a compatible home where their needs will be sufficiently met. We offer support beyond adoption by keeping in touch with adopters and receiving regular updates. Our main goal is to give these animals a chance at a new beginning and prepare them for success in their new homes so they will not return to the shelter. We are very fortunate to have a large pool of prospective adopters and ideal homes that are looking to add animals to their lives within our community.
Finally, we believe in promoting responsible pet ownership. We offer support to pet owners in the community by providing access to valuable resources such as low-cost clinic services, as well as behavior and training classes.


It is the philosophy of the Humane Society of the South Platte Valley to help as many animals as we can by providing compassionate and individualized care to all of the animals we serve. Our services primarily exist for the lost and stray animals found within our community, though we also prioritize transferring in animals from underserved communities when appropriate accommodations can be provided. We believe in building a customized path to success for each animal in our program by getting to know them and working with them to give them the specific tools they need to succeed in the future. Our philosophy also includes the idea that we have a responsibility to serve as the community’s animal welfare resource as well as to promote responsible pet ownership by providing pet owners with access to helpful services.

HSSPV 2129 W Chenango Ave, Unit A
Littleton, CO 80120

Phone: 303-703-2938
Fax: 303-703-2922
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