Happy Haven Farm & Sanctuary

Happy Haven Farm & Sanctuary

Happy Haven Farm & Sanctuary

Happy Haven Farm and Sanctuary provides a safe place for struggling individuals, both human and animal, to find love, compassion, healing, and purpose.

Happy Haven Farm & Sanctuary (HHFS) is a dual purpose non-profit, serving as both an animal centered healing & educational ranch for children and military as well as a full time sanctuary for a number of unwanted animals. HHFS is primarily funded through support from donors just like you. Please consider sponsoring and animal or buying some animal swag to help an animal in need on the farm.

Amy Vyskocil

Amy is a former member of the Westernairs and  fell in love with animals a long time ago. Despite losing her home in a fire a few years ago, Amy and the animals continue to thrive in the sanctuary together. She is the founder of Happy Haven and operates it largely on her own with the help of her board members and volunteers just like you.

67500 E County Rd 34, Byers, CO 80103
Amy Vyskocil (303) 968-4274

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