Ferret Dreams Rescue and Adoption

Ferret Dreams Rescue and Adoption

Ferret Dreams Rescue and Adoption

Our History

We have rescued more than 2,000 ferrets since 2005. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization located in Denver, Colorado and licensed by the State of Colorado under the Pet Animal Care Facilities Act (PACFA). 

A Winning Team

Our amazing team of volunteers, adopters, and our Board of Directors allows us to continue our mission and provide a safe haven for sick, injured and abandoned ferrets year after year. Members of the Mile High Ferret Club contribute to our medical fund while also having a fun, ferret friendly event to attend every month. 

Ferrets Are Our Mission

We rescue sick, abused, abandoned, neglected and surrendered ferrets in Colorado and surrounding states. We are the only ferret specific no kill rescue in the region, and are dedicated to serving the needs of the domestic ferret, regardless of age or health. 


If you need to surrender your ferrets for any reason, please contact us to discuss our surrender process and time frame to bring them in.  

Ferrets with medical or behavioral issues will be prioritized for surrender.  

On the day of surrender, we ask you to bring their current ferret food plus any favorite toys and bedding.  

We only accept Ferret Nation, Critter Nation or similar style cages.

Surrender fees:

$25 per ferret


Learn about our amazing ferrets and how you can help!

All Adoptions and Surrenders by appointment only


Visit #HelpSaveUsAll!

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