Dog reunited with duck hunter who saved his life by Molly Shen

Dog reunited with duck hunter who saved his life
by Molly Shen

No one knows where he came from. An injured dog, near death, wandered onto the road near Royal City, WA, catching the attention of a man driving by.

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“He was just standing in the middle of the road and kinda looked like he was asking for some help,” described Chris Babbitt. Babbitt was headed home after a weekend of duck hunting.

“We were out in the middle of nowhere, so we knew he didn’t have a home,” Babbitt said. “Obviously having the blood on his front legs was a pretty good indicator that he needed some help.”

It wasn’t just his front legs. After Babbitt drove the dog 150 miles to Seattle Humane, veterinarians weren’t sure they had him in time to save him.

“Extremely skinny,” said Seattle Humane’s Medical Director, Dr. Jessica Reed. “And he had a horrible skin infection cover 90% of his body with open ulcers, bleeding, infected wounds. We were very concerned that he wouldn’t survive.”

But the dog made it another day, and then another. One of the vets took him home for around the clock care. They eventually asked one of their foster volunteers if she would take over.

It’s taken months, but Evelyn Roemer helped nurse the dog back to health. She went from fostering him to adopting him. Roemer has been fostering for eight years, caring for an estimated six dogs and 30 kittens. She said she’s able to send the kittens off to new homes because “kittens are too much energy.” So how did she wind up with a 115 pound puppy?

“I couldn’t have given him up. He’s such a nice boy,” she said.

They have a name for that.

“It’s a foster failure. Foster fail,” Roemer said. “You bring ’em home and you just don’t let ’em leave.”

They have a name for the dog too.

He’s now known as Ducky, named for Chris Babbitt, the duck hunter who found him.

This week, Babbitt and Ducky were reunited, so Babbitt could see the life he helped save.

“It’s dramatic,” he said. “It’s pretty unreal when we brought him here to where he is now. Seattle Humane is where the credit belongs. Without them, this dog probably wouldn’t be alive.”

Seattle Humane launched its first ever Day of Giving on Friday, with a goal of raising $100,000 to help support rescues like Ducky. They’re also sharing other success stories on their Facebook and Instagram with #RescueSquad.

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