Cooper’s Companions Animal Rescue

Cooper’s Companions Animal Rescue

Cooper’s Companions Animal Rescue

How it all began…

Many perfectly good pets were being discarded to shelters, when there seemed to be no hope or options.  People surrender their pets for a lot of different reasons ranging from they’re moving and their new landlord doesn’t allow pets, to they wanted a younger model, to he’s sick and the owners just didn’t want to deal with a sick animal.  

In many cases, people buy a pet while they’re little and cute.  However, as the pet gets older & larger, realization that they ‘bit off more than they can chew sets in .  Rather than taking responsibility of the commitment for the life they chose to care for, they take them to shelters or surrender them to rescue groups.  It’s just sad…  

Suzanne, the found of Coopers, has been associated with rescues for many years. After lobbying for the well-being of dogs in Pueblo, and seeing the number of dogs being discarded and euthanized, Suzanne decided to take action and help dogs and started her own rescue and Cooper’s Companions was founded.

Cooper’s Companions is a foster-based rescue which started in 2018 due to a need in the Pueblo, Colorado area.  In a little over 2 years, we’ve saved nearly 500 dogs.

Coopers Companions is transfer partner with the local shelter and several high-kill shelters in Texas and New Mexico. 

When we rescue litters, we never leave mama behind, and sometimes we even bring daddy along too! 

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Cooper’s Companions

PO Box 2513 Pueblo, COLORADO 81004

Adoption Process

The first step in our adoption process is to submit an application. 

Go to our 


for more details, or fill out an application here.

Visit #HelpSaveUsAll!

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