City of Rocky Ford Animal Shelter

City of Rocky Ford Animal Shelter

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Rocky Ford is a quiet agricultural community, resting on the Hwy 50 corridor in Southeastern Colorado, that offers a peaceful respite to modern day life. An historical community with a warm blend of a times-gone-by atmosphere and modern conveniences with down home friendly people and a great climate too! The community offers a rich array of activities from gardening, music, theater and civic organizations to bird watching, boating, fishing, hiking, hunting, rodeos, and sports. Rocky Ford is proud of its agricultural roots and, as the melon capital of the world, proudly sends cantaloupe and watermelons all over the country.

Animal Shelter
Duration varies • Price varies

Managed by the RFPD

203 South Main Street (135.02 mi)
Rocky Ford, CO, CO 81067
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(719) 254-7414

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