City of Brush Animal Shelter

City of Brush Animal Shelter

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Animal Shelter/Animal Control

The Brush Animal Shelter is located on Morgan County Road 28 north of City limits off Hwy 71. The facility has five separate kennels each for dogs and separate cat cages. Normally animals are held for five days. Animals unclaimed by the 5th day may be adopted or euthanized. All animals adopted have to have a $50.00 spay and neuter fee. Owners have ninety (90) days to have animals spayed or neutered, if not done the animal has to be returned to the animal shelter. If the animal is spayed or neutered, the $50.00 fee is refunded.

If your pet is missing, or you are interested in adoption contact our Department at 970.842.5021 during normal business hours.


Impound Fee Pursuant to Section 7-7-260
Redemption of animal $37.00
Impound charge per day $7.00

Cat License Pursuant to Section 7-7-430
Male or spayed female $10.00
Duplicate tag $10.00

Dog License Pursuant to Section 7-7-120
Male or spayed female $10.00
Duplicate tag $10.00

All pets must be licensed within six months of age or within 30 days of becoming a Brush resident. You can purchase the license at Brush City Hall.

You must show proof of current rabies shot.

contact our Department at

970 842 5021

Visit #HelpSaveUsAll!

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