2nd Chance Vizsla Rescue, Inc.

2nd Chance Vizsla Rescue, Inc.

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Rita Prindle, Founder: 2nd Chance Vizsla Rescue, Inc. 501(c)(3).

Rita lives in Fort Collins, Colorado and has been active in the Vizsla breed since 1971. She has been engaged with Vizsla rescue for almost as long. She founded and operated Colorado/Wyoming Vizsla Rescue Group for 14 years. She stepped away from that program in 2012 and decided to expand her horizons by building a broader, highly responsive Vizsla rescue organizationThis new organization, 2nd Chance Vizsla Rescue, Inc. (2CVR), is an active, volunteer, non-profit Colorado-based organization. 2CVR will focus on additional intervention and outreach to help our Vizsla friends in need throughout Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico and other areas when feasible.

The main goal of 2CVR is to match Vizslas in need of forever homes with loving families. We are dedicated to providing rehabilitation, medical care, and in-home foster care for abandoned or abused purebred Vizslas or Vizsla mixes. We do not board our rescues in a kennel environment. We strive to educate the community regarding responsible dog ownership, including: the spay/neuter or companion animals, assisting shelters by promoting awareness, working with shelter managers/directors in our targeted area, and bringing shelter dogs on board as quickly as possible.

We are an independent Vizsla rescue organization. We do, however, coordinate with the Vizsla Club of America (VCA) and other Vizsla rescue organizations around the United States. Our purpose is to help the Vizsla and the people who love and support the breed. As necessary, we offer support to shelters that handle stray or surrendered Vizslas.

It is our goal to leave no Vizsla in a shelter or surrendering home longer than it takes to arrange pickup/release of the animal to 2CVR and foster care. Our funding is based primarily on personal donations, adoption donations, participation in local fund raising projects and grants.

Our motto is “To provide a safe home for the Vizsla in need, one dog at a time until there are none left to save!”

Our goal is to protect the abused Vizsla from suffering.

“No matter how nice, a shelter can never be a home.”

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Email:   spunki_61981 at yahoo.com

Phone:  970-568-9042

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